Jasenka Resort Zubří


There are 160 km of marked, low-traffic cycling routes with attractive cultural and natural sights in the vicinity of Nové Město na Moravě. Cycling fans will appreciate the renowned single-track, road, MTB and Gravel circuits and the pump-track. Motocross fans will enjoy the more remote motocross track Písečná zmole. The renowned biathlon world-cup Vysočina Arena in Nové Město na Moravě offers in-line and roller-skating trails.


For recreational swimming, the nearby Zuberský rybník pond on the edge of a large forest near Pohledecká skála rock is ideal. Other swimming opportunities are in Skalský rybník pond with its grassy beaches, Domanínský rybník pond or in the ponds in Medlová and Sykovec. Among natural swimming pools, the swimming pool with a playground and paddling pool near Nové Město na Moravě is also popular. In addition to bathing, the town spa in Nové Město na Moravě offers wellness and exercise.


There is a large number of hiking trails with natural sights where you can see not just beautiful countryside, but also countless protected species of plants and animals. Interesting places include Pernovka, Vávrova skála or the landscape near Bezděkov. The way of the cross at Slavkovice, Horní Bobrová and the path to Harusův kopec hill are also popular among tourists. Marked nature trails such as the Metodka, Tři kříže (the Three Crosses) and the Milovská nature trail leading under the rocks of Čtyři palice (the Four Sticks) are also popular. The rock formations of Devět skal (the Nine Rocks – the highest point of the Protected Landscape Area), the Drátenická skála, the Milovské Perničky with its special depressions, the rocky peak of Prosíčka above the Fryšávka Creek valley, the Štarkov rock block with the remains of the Skála Castle, the Hraběcí stolek lookout above the meander of the Svratka River and the Pasecká Rock are also popular destinations.

Other interesting sights include Nové Město na Moravě with its Renaissance chateau, the Horácké Museum and the Horácká Gallery, the town of Žďár nad Sázavou with the world-famous pilgrimage church of St. John of Nepomuk on Zelená hora and other baroque building monuments by the renowned builder J. B. Santini in the REGION, the Pernštejn Castle with its popular rock view of the castle and the train, ruins of the Zubštejn Castle, Rožná, Jivina, Mitrov, Lísek, Valy, Dalečín, Radošín Castle, etc.

Children's amusements

There are a number of amusements for children in the area, such as the fairy-tale village Podlesíčko, the fairy-tale alley in Bystřice pod Pernštejnem with a fitness trail, the Haunted Underground in the cellar of the Horácké Museum, the educational water trail along the Veselý rybník pond, the Eden Centre in Bystřice pod Pernštejnem with expositions, the Highlander's Village and animals, or the natural children's area on the outskirts of the village Polnička. A visit to Pernštejn Castle will also be made more interesting by a look-and-find game for children. The western town of Šiklův mlýn in Zvoly is also worth mentioning.

Winter activities

Downhill skiing slopes and cross-country skiing trails

There are over 100 km of cross-country skiing trails in the area. The Vysočina Arena hosts cross-country skiing and biathlon races every season.

For downhill skiing there is a ski slope on Harusův kopec hill SKI HARUSÁK with a length of 550 m and an elevation of 110 m.
On the ground floor of the building there is also a room for storing bicycles or skis.

For visitors to the Vysočina region, there is the Fun Card - the Crown of Trees, which offers many benefits, discounts and experiences. Tourists who buy it will get benefits, discounts and fun experiences in addition to their accommodation.